German Citizenship



We will conduct a full evaluation to determine if you are eligible for German citizenship in terms of German law.

At the conclusion of the evaluation stage:

If we feel that you are eligible, we will set up a Skype video conference call with you to discuss the merits of your case as well as the way forward (if you are based in Johannesburg we will be happy to set up a face to face meeting with you). After the conference call/meeting, we will provide you with a list of the required original metric documents (naturalization/birth/marriage certificates) that you will have to obtain for the purposes of your application for German citizenship.

The cost of the evaluation is:



SA Location

R2000 incl. VAT

Should you decide to utilise our services to compile and submit your application for German citizenship the cost of the evaluation fee will be deducted off the final instalment of the application fee.

Archival Research:

It is crucial to submit original German documents proving that your ancestor held German citizenship as part of your application for citizenship.
If you don’t have the required original documents, we will conduct a search of the relevant archives in Germany in order to obtain the required documents. Should the documents be located we will obtain certified copies of these documents from the archives.

Prior to the commencement of this stage, we will provide you with a quote to conduct the archival research. The cost of the research is case dependant.

Should you have all of the relevant documents, this stage will not be necessary.

Additional Review:

Once we have obtained the required documents from the archives, we will conduct a final review of your case taking into account the documents obtained from the archives as well as the other metric documents that you have provided us with (including those documents that may not have been previously available). If we are satisfied that you stand a high chance of success, based on all of the documents, we will issue you with a formal quotation and an agreement setting out the fee, details of the application process and time frame.

Compilation & Submission of Application:

We will then compile and submit your application to the German authorities. We handle all aspects of the application process.


We will liaise with the German authorities to determine the status of your application. We will also keep you updated on a regular basis concerning the status of your application. Should the authorities require any further documentation/information concerning your case we will attend to this.

Application for a German Passport:

Once your citizenship application has been approved you can apply for your German passport. You will have to apply in person at your nearest German embassy. The passport that is issued is a biometric passport that is valid for 10 years.