About Us


No Borders has been obtaining EU citizenship for our clients since 2013.

Our team has expertise in all aspects of the application process:

Legal: We have excellent in-house legal expertise. We also work very closely with legal experts on the ground when required.

Research: We have a network of trusted researchers across Europe giving us access to all of the relevant archives.

Compilation: Our expert team will handle the compilation of the entire file making up your application. The file is compiled by our in-house team who will liaise with you.

Relationships: We have excellent working relations with the officials in Europe. This makes it much easier when we have to discuss your case with them.

Track record: We have a 100% successful track record concerning Polish citizenship applications and a near 100% successful track record concerning Lithuanian and German citizenship applications.

Integrity: This is our primary value. We will not proceed with any application if we do not feel that there is a high chance of a successful outcome.

Relationships: We enjoy building relationships with our clients. We find it very rewarding to provide our clients with information and documentation about their families that we have located in the European archives. This is often new information that they weren’t even aware of. It is extremely rewarding to share the excitement of our clients throughout the process especially when they receive their passports.

Communication: We communicate with our clients on a regular basis in order to keep them updated regarding the status of their application.

Transparency: This is the basis of our interaction with our clients.

We are proud to say that a large portion of our business is based on word of mouth recommendations from our clients.
  1. You are required to complete an online questionnaire and upload scans of your supporting documentation.
  2. Based on the information received, No Borders will conduct a detailed evaluation in order to determine your eligibility for citizenship.
  3. We obtain any missing documents that are required for the purposes of your application from the archives in Europe.
  4. We handle the entire process with regards to compiling and submitting your application.
  5. We keep you updated on a regular basis concerning the status of your application.
  6. Once your citizenship application has been successfully approved you are entitled to apply for a passport.

Rael Cynkin

Founder and Director

Rael is the founder and director of No Borders.

He is a qualified CA(SA).

He completed his accounting articles at PKF (Jhb) Inc. in Johannesburg South Africa in January 2010.

After articles Rael spent 3 months travelling through Europe. After his travels he returned to South Africa where he worked for an International steel trading company and thereafter a medical services company before founding No Borders in 2013.

In fact it was as a result of his travels that the idea of starting No Borders was born.

The complicated and drawn out process of having to apply for a Schengen visa drove him crazy. He also realised that were many young people who wished to go and work in Europe who could not do so unless they possessed an EU passport.

After successfully completing his own application for EU citizenship via heritage, he helped many other people to obtain EU citizenship through the same process before founding No Borders. It was through this process that he learnt the laws and procedures for obtaining EU citizenship and most importantly, established connections and relationships with officials, lawyers and researchers throughout Europe.

Having the background of a chartered accountant has really been key to this process. One utilises the same skills learnt from conducting audits on many large companies when compiling a successful application for EU citizenship.

No Borders embodies Rael's passions for history, heritage and helping people with his eye for detail, diligence and determination.


Vanessa Gordon

Vanessa's has an incredible eye for detail and her strength lies in her analytical ability.

Vanessa holds an MSc Med degree.

She is responsible for conducting evaluations and for compiling the critical elements of each case.

Vanessa really enjoys the challenge of taking a case where the client has no documents whatsoever and turning it into a successful application.